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About Us!

Point of Honor is a small family owned and operated kennel in Gladwin, Michigan.  We have raised, trained, and hunted various breeds of pointing dogs since 1969.  The Wirehaired Vizslas and the German Wirehaired Pointers have been a wonderful addition to our kennels and have proven to be a great asset. We have gotten some very impressive hunting dogs over the years and we wish to share our pride and joy with you!

Don't worry! I'll get the bird!

We hit the bird jackpot today!


We love brushing our teeth!

Our girls show off their trophies for the day.

Can I have some of that please?

I got the bird Dad!!

Back from a great day of hunting!

Zeus Pupp2

Zeus has found the pigeon coop!

Rogue 2023

Rogue is nice and cozy under the blanket.


Artie wonders if we will play fetch!

Artie & Rogue

Artie and Rogue take an afternoon nap!

Artie & Korra

Artie tries out the new bed of her best friend Korra!


Isn't that the sweetest fuzzy face you've ever seen?


Todd shows off his birds from the morning hunt!

Artie Rogue and Tink

Artie, Rogue, and their kitty friend Tink enjoy the sunlight!

Hunting is what we love most and we are dedicated to producing some of the best dogs the sport has to offer. Our dogs are the first Wirehaired Vizslas to be accepted and registered to the AKC Foundation Stock, so all of our dogs are AKC registered.  We were awarded NAVHDA's prestigious "Breeder's Award" by having four pups from the same litter pass their Natural Ability hunt test with two prize I's, a prize II and a prize III, with a grand total of  403 points. We are the first Wirehaired Vizsla breeders to receive this award!




Our years of experience allows us to offer you the opportunity to book a hunt or arrange for training for your dog.  Our breeding programs also allow us to offer puppies from time to time.  Check out our "Dogs for Sale" page for availability!

"Do not hesitate to get a puppy from Matt!! I got a female WHV from him about a month ago and she is great. She's incredibly friendly, lovable, and a source of humor. She's young still, but she is starting to show her natural ability, she points, loves the water, and rarely barks. Also incredibly SMART, she was housetrained in two weeks, she knows about a dozen separate commands. These dogs are awesome, if you want a dog that everyone will love get a WHV from Matt. But if you don't have the time to exercise them, maybe get a different dog."

-Brennen Lewis on Dec 28, 2009

"I hunted over Bill Morgan's Dog which was bought from Matt at Point of Honor Kennels. The dog's name is Point of Honor Zarek, kennel name Ricky. We hunted for 3 hours for wood cock, Ricky pointed over 40 birds. We killed our limit and Ricky found and retrieved to the hand all of them. Several were laying knee deep water. By the way, we were hunting state land in Gladwin County. Ricky never gets out of range, and is by far the best bird dog I have ever hunted over."

-Kyle Kigar on Feb 04, 2010

Testimonials from

our Satisfied


"We have gotten two different pups from Matt. One in July 2013 and one in September 2014. Both are amazing dogs! Couldn't be happier!"

-John, Ashley, Alison Zaikowski on Feb 12, 2015

Irene and My Dorka looking like Champions!

Irene and My Dorka Showing off their awards

Don and Ice come back from a great day of hunting!


Megan and Mickey Dock Diving


Megan and Micky hunting in Texas

"Matt and Julie have been great to work with. They have beautiful dogs and have answered any question that I have had. They have gone out of their way to make sure that I was and still am a satisified pup owner. I would recommend the breed and the breeder to anyone who wants a dog that can work in the field and at home with the family. They are terrific. You will not be disappointed."

-Scott Jansen on Aug 04, 2009

"You Won't Be Disappointed in a Puppy From Point of Honor Kennels!"

"Our Ally is a year and a half now. She just completed her 1st season on grouse and pheasants. She is a quick learner and performed just as Matt said she would. In the house she is calm and affectionate and wonderful with kids. Getting our Wirehaired Vizsla from Matt was a wonderful decision. He was very helpful and communicated well throughout the whole process making it easy and enjoyable. He has answered training guestions promptly and we still trade funny pictures and e-mails."
-Jeremy S Jenkins from
Idaho on Dec 30, 2013

Tell us how we are doing! We love to hear from families who have purchased their fur-ever friends from us. We have raised and sold some of the top hunting dogs in the country, and we want to hear from YOU! If we did something to wow you, please tell us about it, or if we can do something to make your experience more enjoyable next time, please let us know! We like to treat all customers like part of our family! 

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Hunting/Training Sessions


Zeus finds another bird!

Nick and Rogue2

Power Team Nick and Rogue on Point!

Nick and Rogue

Nick is great at backing up Teammate Rogue when she needs it!


Blitz does some amazing solo work today!


Cash Money is on the scent trail!


Cash Money doesn't budge a hair as his father Todd poses behind him!


Look at Cash's beautiful form!


Cash Money shows off some of his hard work!


Nick is such a handsome boy!


Nick retrieves the bird like a pro!

Jaeger & Artie

Jaeger and Artie are hot on the tail of another bird!


Artie is practicing hard!

Zeus Puppy

We start training our pups at a young age with a feather pole. Zeus is becoming a superstar!


Deuce is starting his training.


Zeus has become quite the hunter!

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